Judul:Batak Food - Northern Sumatran Food at Lapo Ni Tondongta Restaurant in Jakarta!
Diterbitkan:18 Mei 2016
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When I was in Jakarta, one afternoon Ying and I went to a restaurant called Lapo Ni Tondongta Senayan that specializes in serving Batak food from Sumatra. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we walked inside the restaurant to find a live music band, and a nice spacious restaurant.

One of the most popularly famous Batak dishes is babi panggang, which is grilled pork, so we got one plate of that. The pork was salty and had an incredible grilled flavor to it. Along with rice and some of the different sambal chili sauces, it was delicious. Another famous Batak dish is saksang, which is a type of blood stew. The blood stew was made with pork, and it was extremely tender and delicious. Finally, I ordered a dish called daun ubi tumbuk, which I didn’t know what it was at first, but after doing some research I found out it was pounded cassava leaves. The vegetable dish was probably my favorite of the entire meal. It was like pureed cassava leaves.

For good Batak food in Jakarta, Lapo Ni Tondongta Senayan is a great restaurant to check out.

Lapo Ni Tondongta Senayan
Address: Jalan Gelora Los A1, Senayan, Jakarta
Open hours: 10 am - 10 pm daily
Total price - 88,000 IDR ($6.62)



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