Judul:Build Bamboo Bridge For Villagers To Cross Sub River - Chicken Hodgepodge Cooking To Feed Builders
Diterbitkan:24 Juni 2018
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We have build a Bamboo Bridge for villagers on their only way out of rural village. And 30 KG Chicken & 40 KG rice Hodgepodge Cooking for peoples who help to build this Bamboo Bridge & village kids.

Whole village peoples participated to make this beautiful bamboo bridge for villagers.

This is the only way villagers go to market school collage and others village to work. And there is a tiny bamboo "Shaku" and it was so tough for kids to cross the river.

So we decided to build beautiful bamboo bridge, so that all kids and villagers can cross this river easily.

AroundMeBD channel only arranged all the necessary things need to build bridge but all the work done by villagers.

We have used about 70 pieces of Bamboo and some concrete to make it hard.

After completing making bridge we have cooked about 30 KG chicken and 40 KG rice hodgepodge to feed full villagers who work for making bridge.

AroundMeBD women team cooked for them and it was very good preparation. Everyone was very happy after eating food.

This Bamboo bridge building and huge food cooking manage and funding by AroundMeBD channel as our charity work to village peoples.

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