Judul:'Drunken, Lying Hag' James Woods Goes Off on Hillary in What Could Be His Best Tweet Ever
Diterbitkan:10 Juli 2018
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Hillary Clinton is on the comeback trail. She’s officially out of the woods, running second in polls regarding 2020 Democrat contenders and is even portraying herself as a woman of the people by flying commercial transportation (a short trip on Delta which seemed to have a conspicuous number of media figures present at the airport and on the flight). All of these facts ought to be great news for conservatives. Please, let’s have a 2020 rematch, except one where Hillary won’t have a two-to-one advantage in campaign funds, one where Trump has already proven himself as a reliable conservative and one where the Democrats continue to drift further and further to the left without any real evidence that’s where the electorate is going. Perhaps the recent trip on Delta was darkly apropos one, since one trivia Twitter account decided to post a surprising fact about your chances of becoming the president of this great country. “You are ten times more likely to die in a plane crash than you are to become President of the United States,” the account posted on Saturday. James Woods, of course, couldn’t help but noting the irony. Make that 100 to one if you are a drunken, lying hag... Hrm. Who could it be? I don’t think it’s Martha from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Then again, it certainly sounds like someone who might be experiencing the same marital issues she was… By the way, rumors of Hillary’s boozing aren’t exactly idle speculation. One of the trove WikiLeaks emails instructs John Podesta to “sober her up some,” which could have been a joke.